Myo-inositol in a new pharmaceutical form: a step forward to a broader clinical use

Objective: Dose-dependent side effects related to myo-inositol (MI) oral administration represent a significant shortcoming for its clinical use. Aiming to search for a pharmaceutical form able to be better absorbed, the pharmacokinetic (PK) profile of the new manufactured MI soft gelatin capsule form was evaluated and compared with the commercially available MI powder.
Research design and methods: A single-dose relative trial, consisting of four phases, was performed on 20 healthy volunteers who received different doses of MI powder and MI soft gelatin capsules. PK profiles related to the two pharmaceutical forms were obtained by analysis of MI plasma concentration, and the respective MI bioavailability was compared.
Results: The administration of MI powder and MI soft gelatin capsules resulted in a different bioavailability. MI soft gelatin capsule form showed similar PK parameters compared with three times higher doses of MI in powder form.
Conclusions: MI soft gelatin capsules displayed an improved bioavailability, allowing to substantially reduce the administered dose and to minimize the dose-dependent side effects. Considering the number of conditions in which MI supplementation is recommended, this evidence could support a broader use of MI in clinical practice.

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